We have known Brad since 2007. He was referred to us by a prominent international businessman. We got to know Brad as a person of integrity who does everything possible to look after his clients best interest. In these challenging times, the financial education and strategies he shares add great value to those looking to increase their wealth. Brad’s wisdom and understanding of current and possible future trends is a tremendous asset. We will continue to work with Brad for years to come.
J & J (Toronto, ON Canada) 


The experience with Solid Financial Solutions Inc. has been nothing short of stellar!  Our meetings over tea are always low key where information is simply shared. They are most willing to answer any questions. The focus is not strictly financial either.  They make every effort to keep their clients up-to-date as to how world happenings are changing mindsets and ultimately lifestyles. 
Solid Financial Solutions Inc. is most prompt, professional and trustworthy… and follow through on their every promise. They are truly on the cutting edge of doing business in these turbulent times! One is treated with value and respect. Solid Financial Solutions Inc. truly cares about all its clients, their family and friends. Yes, Solid Financial Solutions Inc. has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help over the last several months since first being referred by a trusted friend.
M.C. (Red Deer, AB) 


A wise person once said “The most expensive thing you can have is a closed mind”. 
The education and advice we received was incredible and impressive to say the least. I can tell you I personally will never seek advice from a financial advisor at a bank again because everything they sell you is in the banks best interest ultimately, not yours. It’s interesting how we thought we knew about the global financial system and banks or how to invest properly and we were so under-informed to the how it all actually works. The staff at SFS are so courteous, professional, friendly and have a passion for sharing what they do. I’m so grateful for Brad and his team for educating us on how to really protect our money, make smart investments accordingly to current economic (global) conditions so that we can preserve what we have worked hard for. Our life will never be the same and the decisions we have now made will change not only our lives but the lives of generations to come. 
I highly recommended Solid Financial Solutions and I now believe the single most important investment a person can make is in their financial education and SFS can help you position yourself to be on the winning side no matter what happens in this world. 

Kevin (Red Deer, AB)


My husband and I started seeing Brad Fisher and Brandon Greener of Solid Financial Solutions in June 2016. We were approached very professionally by Mr. Greener to take a look at some fascinating information and asked if we would let him know our thoughts. When we invested our time in to watching these videos, we began writing down questions and became excited to learn more.

Both Brad & Brandon were happy to answer any questions we had and they are both a wealth of knowledge. They have an impressive in-depth understanding of wealth cycles and investments. We found our interactions to be very calm and thorough; never have we felt rushed or inadequate in our previous education regarding finances.

Brandon has a skillful way of following up with people respectfully. They make it clear that their job is to simply offer the information and help empower others to make good decisions. They provide a variety of resources for cross referencing and helping discover knowledge independently. Brad is a natural teacher and demonstrates a detailed explanation about the experiences he has had and the observations he has made. He allows you to hear all the information and make the best decision for you and your family.

Since meeting with Solid Financial Solutions we feel prepared and excited about our future. We feel that we have made new friends in Brad and Brandon who are passionate and devoted to our family’s wellbeing. I am pleased to refer them to any of my friends or family who take an active interest in their long term financial security and are open minded to continue the learning process.

J.M & K.M (Red Deer, AB)


I would like to acknowledge Brad Fisher of Solid Financial Solutions in regards to his professionalism & knowledge in the financial world of hard assets. Not only is Brad an expert in hard assets but he has extensive knowledge in the economy around the world which directly affects the way you should position your finances.
After dealing with Brad on numerous occasions and after the positive feedback I received from various clients, I can attest to the NO PRESSURE and FACT based education that Brad presents to his clients in a comfortable way. Brad brings the secrets of the ultra rich to the every day person who does not understand finances and who only hear what the average financial expert tells them.
Brad and his company, Solid Financial Solutions, are your key to your financial freedom with no strings attached. They are a huge step ahead of any traditional way of investing!
I urge you to call Brad and have a coffee with him – He will change your life!

Rod M.
Century 21 – The Gold Standard


I am pleased to wholeheartedly recommend Brad Fisher and Solid Financial Solutions. I have had the pleasure of using his services on a number of occasions and he has exceeded my expectations at every turn. He always delivers what he promises and usually even more.

If you are considering using his services to diversify your portfolio into hard assets, I would encourage you to do so with full confidence that you will not be disappointed.

Dr. H.
Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, Red Deer


Brad was recommended to us through our Financial Advisor, as another great resource to diversify our portfolio.  Both Brad and Kristi were extremely professional and helpful.  Buying into solid investments was a new venture for us, and both Brad and Kristi were beyond helpful to educate us, helping us with the steps involved, and answering any questions we might have.  They are extremely knowledgeable in their field.  We appreciate their commitment to us, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!

Janice & Barry H (Red Deer, AB)


Please accept our sincere thanks to both of you for your support and guidance in assistant us in achieving our financial goals. Building that trust can take a long time, but with Solid Financial Solutions it was built very early on.

From the first meeting with Brad, we felt supported, informed and valued. Brad took the time to meet with us and explained how we can grow financially. When we had questions, he answered them, gave advice and validated our concerns. That speaks volumes to the depth of customer service SFS provides.

Thank you for facilitating this process and making the transition seamless. We truly appreciated your attention to detail and your dedicated follow up. The client care we received and continue to receive from you and Solid Financial is outstanding. We look forward to a long lasting and prosperous relationship.

Curtis & Jen D (Red Deer, AB)


“I have known Brad Fisher for the past 12 years. During this time we have maintained an ongoing working relationship for the benefit of both our clients. Brad’s due diligence is thorough and he will turn over every rock when researching an investment on behalf of his clients. Brad’s passion and commitment to providing you with the best solid, tangible investments is second to none.”

Ken D (Calgary, AB)


I have been a client of Brad Fisher’s since 2008.

In meeting Brad at an Investor function, I was immediately overwhelmed by the sincerity in his focus on people and his clients’ wellbeing. This is truly rare in the business world today, especially in the competitive financial planning industry.

Brad and his team have ALWAYS answered all of my questions and concerns in a very timely and empathetic manner. I was recently in a personal situation whereby I purchased an investment grade natural fancy colored diamond from another firm and needed to liquidate the investment. The firm that I dealt with was not supportive nor were they willing to assist me with the sale. Brad quickly intervened on my behalf and was able to find the right buyer. Shortly after, I received the payment in full with a good return.

I would not trust anyone else with my investments.


Colleen R (Calgary, AB)


I have know Brad for about 5 years now and have seen how he has cared for and educated on the complete financial state of any customer that has walked through his door while at the same time being able to know who he can help and who he needs to refer to someone else so that that person is 100% taken care of. We want to say thank you Brad for teaching us the value of history and helping to set us up for a great financial future for generations to come. I would highly recommend Brad and Solid Financial Solutions to the person that is wanting to grow and learn about realistic financial independence and have referred him to my family members.

Ben W (Red Deer, AB)


I wanted to do something special for my wife on our 35th anniversary. Some people purchase diamonds and precious metals, then put them in a safe place, but why not wear it on your finger and include it in your inheritance to your children?
Brad Fisher provided professional advice and service to help us find what we wanted.
We searched online and found a picture of the ring we wanted and Brad had it made exactly how we wanted it and at a very good price.
We had NO problems AT ALL. We highly recommend Brad and Solid Financial Solutions.
Thank you.

Brian T (Red Deer, AB)
briant3  briant1  briant2



Purchasing the perfect engagement ring was so effortless and easy. I called Kristi up, who in turn referred me to Brad. He made every effort to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. After he found the perfect stone, a Natural Fancy Coloured Dark Champagne. He arranged a very high end ring maker to build it, and had the entire package put together for me. Kayla got the ring she dreamed of, and we got an heirloom that will surpass the generations. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you SO much Brad and Kristi.

Jacques B (Red Deer, AB)

jacquesb4 jacquesb2 jacquesb3



My wife has finally received our engagement photos. The ring we bought through you continues to dazzle us more and more each day. My wife finds herself constantly drifting away while looking at her ring. She can’t keep her eyes off of it! The colour really is fascinating to see in indoor & natural light. Friends and family have given many compliments on it as well. You have blessed us with a one of a kind gorgeous stone and ring. We are very grateful for the assistance and professionalism you offered throughout the process of picking and purchasing the ring.
Cesar F (Leduc, AB)
cesar1 cesar2 cesar3
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