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Educating Clients on the Defensive Aspects of Financial Planning

Many people believe that financial planning is about saving money for retirement. No question that is part of it, but it is only part of it. The ability to save, manage and grow wealth through strategic investing is very important and this is commonly referred to as the offensive side of financial planning.

Just like any sports team endeavour, there also needs to be a defensive side to truly succeed. No NHL hockey team has ever won the Stanley Cup without a great goaltender and a strong defense. The same is true in Financial Planning. Managing risk plays a crucial role in your financial success. You cannot go forward and save for retirement or grow your wealth if you can’t earn a living – it’s that simple! Our income provides us with the money necessary to support our families. Without our income, there is no home, food, clothing or recreation. Therefore, we must also plan for events that can impact our income; such as disability, suffering a critical illness, death, job loss, retirement or being sued.

Let our defensive specialist educate you on managing your risks and help you set up a financial plan that leaves nothing to chance!

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