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Michael B. Clark

Founder and CEO of Master’s Protection Group, LLC

In June of 1945 Michael Clark, founder of Master’s Protection Group, LLC, was born in an ethnically diverse area of the United States, Hammond, Indiana, in 1945. Hammond was a blue collar area bordering southeast Chicago. The area hosted many of the nation’s major steel mills and manufacturing companies.

Michael grew up living with his parents, a sister, three brothers, and his grandmother. Academically, he finished above average in both grade school and high school. He also participated in football, basketball, and track. Michael married soon after high school, and began working as an ironworker, while taking college classes at night. Michael has one son and four daughters.

In 1974 he was introduced to the world of financial and estate planning. He got his insurance and securities licenses, and began helping people plan their financial futures. In 1976 he joined with another young man with the same enthusiasm to help people financially, and together they created a successful agency helping people with their financial and estate planning needs. In 1978 Michael started a steel erection company in the Chicago land-Northwest Indiana area.

In 1994 Michael was contacted by a very good friend who had purchased a financial agency in Orlando, Florida, who urged him to move to Florida and get back into the field of financial planning. Michael moved to Florida in 1995, and again got his securities and insurance license and began helping people with their financial and estate planning needs.

In 1995 Michael reluctantly attended a seminar in Tampa, Florida, “Why the Super Wealthy are Never Sued”. This seminar introduced Michael to a little known entity called the Pure Contract Trust… it literally changed his life forever. From that night on, Michael began researching this entity, and after ten years of research he had uncovered the secret of this powerful entity. He began sharing what he had uncovered with family members, friends, and business associates.

In 2006 Michael created First Capital Solutions, and in 2008, Master’s Protection Group, LLC, the holding company of a program known as the Specialized Trust Strategy (STS), was launched. The STS program is a one of a kind entity being used to protect individuals, families, professionals, and businesses, all across the United States and Canada, and is now being used by people Panama, Germany, England, and Costa Rica, to protect their personal and business assets. The STS program is beginning provide clients all over the world with total asset privacy and impenetrable asset protection.

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