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During times of economic volatility, history has taught us that people tend to rush towards the US dollar as the so-called “safe haven.” As the government continues to print more and more money at alarming rates and the US dollar begins to devalue, while the cost of living begins to skyrocket, history has taught us that people tend to gravitate towards money that cannot be printed and money that is real.

Find out how you can own privately minted gold and silver as a way to diversify your investment portfolio from the volatility of the stock market. Why is that kings and queens hand down a crown of jewels and not a crown of mutual funds? Why is it that some of the largest diamond auction houses in the world are hitting historic record sales on the back of natural fancy colored diamonds?

Why does Europe refer to them as real estate in your pocket? Why are countries like China, India, and Asia currently buying large volumes of natural fancy colored diamonds?

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Brad Fisher


by Brad Fisher on January 5, 2015 in Blog

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