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Hi, my name is Brad Fisher. I began my personal journey towards financial freedom at the age 16, because I was tired of seeing the average person struggle financially, getting consistently beat up by various creditors, living paycheck-to-paycheck, and if they’re lucky, retiring before the age of 60.

Personally, I was done living in an atmosphere at home where it seemed that everything we did was dictated by money – if we had enough and if we could afford it. See, money seemed to always be the underlying issue for nearly everything.

It will shock you to know that the average Canadian puts more time and energy into planning their annual family vacation than they actually do their retirement. Roughly 1 in 250 Canadians are completely debt-free, and roughly 1 in 9 Canadians retire wealthy – wealthy meaning that they will have the same standard of living when they retire as they have at their current job.

It may shock you to know that the average Canadian works for the government until June of the calendar year before they actually begin working for themselves, and that banks work very, very hard to entice and enslave people into more and more debt, which makes it very easy for families to chain themselves into debt so high that they end up becoming slaves to the banks. This prevents them from the freedom that they’re entitled to live. It’s very obvious that those who borrow become a slave to the lender.

Let me provide you with a great example of this. If you decided to buy a $200,000 home, you would need roughly an additional $222,000 over the term of that mortgage to just cover the interest payments on that loan. Now you’re looking at about a $422,000 home; therefore, you actually need about $700,000 gross just to pay for that $422,000 home.

I’m not happy with the mutual fund industry. As the mutual fund companies and the brokers that sold these funds, they seem to be the only ones profiting when the market crashes, while people lose a good sizeable portion of their retirement.

Don’t get me wrong. The money managers need to make some form of income when they sell these funds, but why should they continue to profit year after year when the investors are the only ones losing?

I invested in my first piece of real estate at the age of 17, and achieved financial freedom by 25. I committed myself to studying the financial strategies and secrets used by the ultra-wealthy ever since, so that I could share them with others.

These strategies are not something that should be kept quiet or held in secret, but rather revealed to the world. Financial strategies of the ultra-wealthy are not taught in schools, and they should be.

You can’t easily buy this type of education. It must be learned and it must be taught from the people that have been there. From what I’ve learned, I would not feel right keeping this to myself. I feel such an urgency to get this message out to the general public as quickly as possible.

I created this website and various videos and tools to better educate people just like you so that you can learn to take your finances into your own hands. It’s time to stop relying on the mutual fund companies and advisors, banks, and the government for retirement, which are definitely not strategies of the ultra-rich. In fact, they’re far from it.

They educate themselves and they spend enormous amounts of money on their brains. We must remember our level of financial success is completely dependent upon the extent of our knowledge base.

I trust that this website will assist in preparing you during your journey towards financial freedom. Please don’t forget to share this website and videos with everyone you know, as people must begin to prepare and educate for an extremely prosperous season, because we’re nearing an economic global crisis.

There are many that believe that we’re coming up against one of the greatest transfers of wealth in history.

Together, let’s begin this journey.

Thank you.

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